1. How do I join the Infinite Series?

You can visit to register your team for one of the 4 qualifying options. The qualifiers will be held online.

 2. What are the requirements to join the Infinite Series?

*All participants MUST be from the same college/university
* IF your team’s college/university is present in other states or has different departments , you’re still eligible to participate together as a team.(for example: Taylor’s Lakeside + Taylor’s Business School etc OR UiTM Shah Alam + UiTM Kedah + UiTM Johor etc)
* You must have a minimum of 3 Malaysian nationals present in your team.

 3. Are multiple teams from the same college/university allowed to join?

*Yes. Multiple teams from the same institution are allowed. Just make sure to sign up in time as there are only 32 slots per qualifier.

 4. How many teams from the qualifiers will move on to the National League?

*The top 8 teams from each qualifier will move on to the National League, making up a total of 32 teams per game.

 5. How many teams from the National League will move on to the Championship?

*The winner of each group will qualify to the National Championship.

6. How many times can a single team register for the qualifiers?

 * Each team is given a maximum of 2 attempt over the 4 qualifying options, if they’re not qualified in the 1st attempt.

 7. What are the prizes like? (Per game – CS:GO/DOTA2/Mobile Legends)

* The winner of each National Qualifier will receive RM 500 worth of prizes
* The winner of each group at the National League will receive RM 1000 worth of prizes
* The National Championship total prize pool for EACH game (CS:GO, DOTA2 & Mobile Legends) is worth RM 24,000.

8. Where will the Infinite Series be held?

 The Infinite Series is broken down into 3 phases:

* National Qualifiers: Online
* National League: CoVE Esports Hub, located in Bandar Sunway,Selangor.
* National Championship: To be announced.

9. When & Where will the National Championship be held?

* The National Championship will be held in August but the venue and exact dates are yet to be confirmed so stay tuned to our Facebook page @infiniteseriesesports or visit our website at