1. Team leader needs to put up the Rosters including 5 main players and 2 Substitute player. Substitute players are only mandatory in INL and INC. But if you do not have 5 players showing up, you agree to forfeit the scheduled game.
  2. The early registration teams may receive Tournament advantages like Bye and so on. Details to be determined.
  3. Tournament champion selection pool will be based off the game version one week ahead of the tournament.
  4. Tournament registration has 32 team limit per qualifiers in each region. Every game before semi-final will be played on Double Elimination Format.
  5. Participants must be consist of at least 3 Malaysian players per team. All participants must have a valid ID shown upon check In.

Before the Match Start

  1. Tournament schedule will be sent to each team’s primary contact ( team Leader ) one week prior to the tourney. Schedule is determined based on the availabilities of participating teams’ majority. Please notify the organizer at least 1 week before the tournament starts for any non availability of attendance.
    2. Once schedule is FINALIZED, it is NOT allowed to change the schedule for any reason. If your team have participating players that are not able to join the tourney for any reason, your team is solely responsible to find a substitute in time. If your team is not able to find a team of 5 to join your designated tourney game, your team will be considered with an automatic LOSS for that specific game.
    3. Every team needs to Check-In with our designated Admins on ground an hour before the scheduled match time. Players from participating teams should not engage in any games once team leader checked in for the tournament. If your teammate(s) are not ready at designated match time, your team is solely responsible for the consequences (ref. to rule 2).
    4. Team Leader(representative) needs to get responsible team members into the designated custom lobby before the band & pick phase.
    5. Team representative needs to be ready NO EXCEPTION.

Draft & Pick Phase
1. All Pick & Ban will be done in game.

During Game

  1. Each team will get 2 disconnect (DC) pause chances upon noticing the host. If someone in your team get disconnected in the game for unexpected reasons, one of your team member needs to type “PAUSE” in chat ASAP and the game will be paused automatically. The host will NOT pause the game unless notified with “PAUSE” in chat. Each pause chance will last 3 minutes Max (2 pauses duration). If the disconnected person is able to come back before the 3 minute mark, one team member have to notify the host on Discord right away, and the host will notify both teams 10 secs before resuming the game.
    2. If any player’s client is out of synchronization, we shall REMATCH only if the game is within the first 5 minutes. If the game is outside of first 5 minutes, we shall discuss with both teams and come to a conclusion based on the actual situation. Considering factors include: gold differences at the point of incidence, KDA, general trend of the game and so on.
    3. If your team runs out of DC pause chances, and someone DC-ed, the game continues as normal, so make sure your team come to the tournament ready and prepared.
    4. Typing during the game in All Chat is strictly prohibited except for asking for “PAUSE”. Trash talking during the game will immediately results in TEAM DISQUALIFICATION in this tournament and a Loss in the specific game.

Additional Guidelines:
• Registration cannot be transferred to another team.
• Decisions made by the tournament organizers and officials are final.
• Winning teams cannot switch team members or transfer their slot.
• Only registered players are allowed in the competition area.
• Only registered players are allowed to participate in the tournament.
• Hacks, mods, or 3rd party apps are not allowed. Admins may examine a player’s device if cheating is suspected.

Disclaimer: All Rules are subject to change. Cove Events Team reserves the right to final and absolute explanation for each rule listed herein.